Chapter 14 Answers

56. Non- Transmissible Diseases are not caused by living organisms and do not spread from person to person. They develop slowly and have multiple causes.

examples: cardiovascular disorders, asthma, emphysema, malnutrition.

Transmissible diseases occur when your body cannot mobilize its defenses fast enough to keep a pathogen in the form of a bacterium, virus, or parasite from invading and multiplying in its cells and tissues.

Transmissible diseases such as AIDS and TB are common in developing countries. Non-transmissible diseases mostly occur in developed countries such as the US.

Diseases such as AIDs can greatly affect the age structure of a population.

57. The harm from smoking or STDs depends on the amount of exposure, frequency of exposure, tje peron being exposed, one's genetic makeup, and the body's detoxification systems.

Diet changes include eating less red meat, drinking more water, and eating more and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

:Tessa Zolly, period 1

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